About Peralia

Peralia is a design space of jewelry and furniture items. The inspiration for the creation of my products comes from the passion for ceramic that my family passed to me since I was young, the nature and the fascinating forms in which it occurs, the culture of the Sardinian carpet and jewelry.
With this project I want to merge local knowledge, crafts and history of Sardinia with my personal journey in formal and graphics research. Textures and shapes give life to contemporary items for the home such as jugs, trays, glasses, all featuring the value of uniqueness.
Peralia is formal and material research, a cozy place where the balance of elements reigns, where craft and project’s culture meet.

Susanna Pilia was born in Carbonia in 1987, and later moved to Iglesias where She attended the Art School Remo Branca. In 2007 she moved to Como , where she graduated in furniture design at the Politecnico di Milano university. Immediately after her studies she joined the Laboratorio Creativo Geppetto as product and graphic designer. In 2011 she moved to Milan where she worked as a graphic designer in an advertising company first, and then in a publishing house.
In 2013 she founded Peralia to bring together all the facets of her work and her life experience in a completely self-made project.

Novembre 2015_ Operae Indipendent Design Festival Torino
Dicembre 2015_ Documentary japanese TV BS-TBS
Aprile 2016_ Source Self-made Design Milano Design Week
Maggio 2016_ Ladodo design Gallery Milano
Giugno 2016_ Open Design Italia Vicenza CNA Nazionale award for the Zero Ossigeno lamps
Agosto 2016_ Paratissima Cagliari
Ottobre 2016_ The Zero Ossigeno lamps at Istituto Italiano di cultura di Budapest -New Shapes of Made in Italy-
Ottobre 2016_ Zero Ossigeno lamps at BASE Milano for Craftsway
Gennaio 2017_ The Zero Ossigeno lamps at Istituto Italiano di cultura di Berlino -New Shapes of Made in Italy-