Home collection

The new Peralia home collection is a journey that creates new and unexpected connections between design, research and territory.

The figure of the tuna and the marine world is viscerally linked to the Sulcis, and more specifically to tuna fishing: a secular tradition in the towns of Portoscuso and Carloforte, and a not so well known symbol of the Sulcis territory. In this work the silhouette of the fish is painted by hand on cups and coasters, creating original and suggestive atmospheres. Such atmospheres bring with them the history of a place that is rooted and inseparable from the people living here.
The geometries found in hexagonal coaster are the result of a research that starts from the study of the graphic designs of Sardinian carpets. The original patterns were digitally recreated and redesigned in order to produce new decorations, obtained by moving the graphics. The aim was to search a formal balance that allowed the encoding of the decorative tradition in a new key.
The candlesticks are inspired by the typical geometries of the production of Ettore Sottsass, especially during the Memphis period. The colors are soft, the forms static and iconic.
The home collection fully represents the goal of the study of Peralia, a mix of knowledge that influence each other, creating new objects that speak of life experiences and the history of our territory.

Photo styling Tiziana Tosoni